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Introduction The movie “Not in Our Town- Light in the Darkness” is about a town called Patchogue in New York which decided to take a stand against discrimination and hatred after one of their own citizens a Latino by the name of Marcello was fatefully stabbed for no apparent reason except for his ethnicity. The town decided to come together and remember Marcello through various ways such as the churches reaching out to the other Latino community members that reside there, a quilt made in honor of him, a street name put up in honor of him and a school that decided that they would make a difference. At first it seems odd that one man could evoke a whole community to come together and decide enough is enough, but it wasn’t the man’s death that brought around this powerful change, instead it was the reason behind his death. The reason being that he was…show more content…
In fact, the community had no clue any of this was really going on as they were so focused on themselves. It seemed that only the local Latino’s and immigrants knew of the problem as they received the brunt end of the abuse and hate crimes and assaults. Too afraid to go to the police, these people only seeking a better life for themselves and their families found themselves in constant fear and anguish over the resulting hate crimes always directed towards them. It was only a matter of time before one of them was actually murdered, Marcello ended up being that person and as a result, the town got a wakeup call that at long last finally elicited a need for change and restoration. The Latino’s people who for years had tolerated and accepted this abuse, always thinking they were alone and that no one cared or saw, now found themselves surrounded by caring townspeople who were going out of their way to help and embrace this bruised and beaten ethnic group of people, showing them a love and sincerity that had seemed long

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