Archetype Cruz Character Analysis

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With the recent increase in the popularity of shows like Modern Family and Glee, it is important to analyse the role of women of colour in these shows and popular culture as a whole. Unfortunately, the Latin characters usually assign the worst stereotypes. In popular, Latin Western culture they have the Latin look tanned skin, dark hair and voluptuous bodies. They are empowering with their spirits that can only be the result of many years chugging tequila. However, on the reverse, Latinas are also painted as the small, submissive house worker or nanny. All stereotypes of Latinas who appear in the popular media are not only false; they are upsetting to the confidence of Latin American-born who is forced to take these images on a daily basis. Men also suffer from Latino stereotypes, but often it is women who bear the brunt of the worst. Let's start with the "Latin Look." It is the most fake part of the pop culture. Perhaps the…show more content…
In fact, Penelope Cruz, who has often been chosen as America is from Spain. Penelope Cruz has the American look and therefore has taken on many roles because of it, but as a Spanish woman, who is not America. Latinas are usually a mixture of blood, either in general Spanish, African and indigenous and sometimes have three. Gina Torres, a Dominican actress who has never played a Latina on the screen, was quoted as saying... "When I became an actress I quickly realized that the world liked their Latino to look Italian not like me. So I was not going for Latino characters. He was for African American parts.” Gina’s experience is one that is widespread. There is no place for black Latinas in Hollywood. Having no one to look up on the big screen and the lack of representation kills the confidence of real life Black

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