Barriers In Cosmetics

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INTRODUCTION Traditionally, drugs are delivered to the human body through oral medications and injections. However, as friendly methods for drug delivery become more necessary, researchers have developed alternative ways of doing so. Among them, one of the most trending solutions is the microneedles, which use the skin, the largest organ in the human body, as delivery channel. The microneedles are basically small patches of approximately 1 cm² with tiny needles on the surface. The main advantage of those consists in their micrometric size, which is too small to cause pain or bleeding, nonetheless big enough to penetrate the skin and effectively apply active ingredients. At the Department of Pharmacy of National University of Singapore, a novel…show more content…
The first one would impose severe regulatory barriers, such as the obligation of making many human tests before launching the product, which would put the financial viability of the business at risk. On the other hand, cosmetics’ category would offer lesser entry barriers as the amount of tests demanded would be significantly smaller. Moreover, that business segment moves billions of dollars annually, it grows at considerable rates and it is also strongly pulled by innovations. For those reasons, the group decided to seek business opportunities in cosmetic…show more content…
By this definition, a startup is an innovative institution which seeks to offer a value proposition different from any other in the market. As it involves developing an unprecedented business model, one of the challenges of any startup is to validate the acceptance of its new value proposition by the market. Non-innovative companies could estimate their future revenue based on their own sales report and from competitors’. As a startup offers value propositions which are often non-existent yet, it is nearly impossible to do the same analysis. Thus, authors who write about entrepreneurship, such as Ries (2012) and Blank (2012), frequently suggest entrepreneurs should quickly test hypothesis emerged in the business planning process and learn fast what works and what does not. The agility in that process can be translated in time and resource saving, which are crucial for a

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