Disadvantages Of Women Empowerment

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The paper specifically reviews the articles of journals and books globally by different authors and identifies an area where a new contribution could be made through the existing literatures and so the author thinks if proper guidance and support is provided by banks can really promote women’ s social status and social transformation. The Reasons business correspondent in empowering women Important aspects required for business setup like marketing strategies, study of cash management, skills to be developed for credit repayment should be provided training. Give insights to understand market potential, understanding of economy, expansion of business should be continuously provided through training in making skills and in building contacts…show more content…
The concern is that banks have not been able to reach and bring vast segment of the population, especially the underprivileged sections of the society, into the fold of basic banking services. So with the help of Business correspondence transformation can take place. As in many development policies, plans, programmes have objectives for women’s progress in different spheres. In various Five Year Plan they have included women’s welfare and issues for development. Even last few years we are focusing on women’s empowerment. The limitation of the study The research study is limited for Pune area only. 2. The universe of the study is semi urban women. 3. The study is applicable only to self –employed semi urban women in Pune Methodology…show more content…
Primary data are collected for the specific research when the data available is not sufficient for the analysis. There are several different ways to collect primary data. The most common types of data collection are interviews and observations. Secondary data is the data that has been previously collected and published. It often consists of articles, books, newspaper and magazine articles, internal and external case company material and Internet material. Literature review Even the Government of India framed a committee under the leadership of Dr.C R Ranagarajan to look into the exclusion reason across for financial services, gender and occupation so that the corrective action can be taken for the excluded class. The committee defined financial inclusion as” Financial Inclusion is the process of ensuring access to appropriate financial products and Services needed by all sections of the society in general and vulnerable groups such as Weaker Sections and low income groups in particular at an affordable cost in a fair and transparent manner by mainstream institutional

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