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Human resource management deals with management of people in an organization, who are assessed and considered to be its resources and assets. The success or failure of the organization depends on how effectively and efficiently the human resources of the company are managed. The organization’s objectives and strategies are achieved, if the personnel policies and procedures are well connected. It out beats its competitors, if the climate, managerial behavior and corporate culture have an impact on the organizational activities. The culture and organization values have to be reinforced for which continuous efforts on part human component of the organization is required from top to bottom. Growth Phase of HR: HRM developed in 5 stages: a. Welfare…show more content…
It is a public limited company, with revenue of US $ 8.3 billion for the year 31st March 2014. It is the world’s largest independent manufacturer of hydraulic cylinder. Having been known for its best engineering designs and advanced manufacturing capabilities; Wipro has been successfully partnering the infrastructure and engineering development across the globe. The company has its manufacturing bases across India, Northern and Eastern Europe, US, Brazil and China, with a global workforce of more than 1700 committed and skilled people and 14 state of the art manufacturing locations, which delivers over 2 million cylinders, 35000 pumps and valves in different geographical locations. Wipro has precision-engineered hydraulic cylinders and truck hydraulic solutions which are designed to meet different riders and according to customer requirements. These cylinders are used in construction and earth moving equipment’s, mining, truck hydraulics, material and cargo handling, aerospace and…show more content…
They partner with customers at every step of their requirement by harnessing its leading edge design, technologies and in-house talent pool to provide optimal hydraulic solutions. Nature of the Company: Nature of Business: Wipro Infrastructure Engineering was the company’s first diversification in 1975 to meet the hydraulic equipment requirements in India. Over the past 25 years, the business unit has become a leader in hydraulic cylinders and truck tipping systems market in India. Vision of the Company: The vision is to achieve global leadership in hydraulic cylinders. - Leadership in engineering Technology and Quality - Partnering customers across the globe - Leverage Global Delivery and Global Engineering model. Mission of the Company: “Quality is like integrity there can be no compromise”. Quality is fast becoming a word customers want to hear more often they used to before. No longer is quality perceived to be just a buzz word in the corporate aisles, its touching our customer’s lives in more-ways than we can

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