Hesiod Mythology In Greek Mythology

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According to Hesiod, the world began differently. First, there was a supernatural presence that called Khaos or Chaos. By which Hesiod means emptiness, not disorder. After Khaos, there was a Goddess called Gaea, the Earth. Gaea slept with Uranus, the Heaven. Uranus and Gaea had many children; the twelve Titans, three Cyclopes, and three Hecatoncheires. Hating his children, Uranus banished them to Tartarus, inside Gaea . Gaea conspires with Cronus, one of her unborn children who castrate his father presumably from within his mother’s womb. Uranus sad genital fall into the sea from which surprising entities emerges. It is believed that the blood that fell on the earth, the Erinnyes, the Giants and the Meliads were born; while from the sperm…show more content…
Hesiod creation story goes on to talk on how Cronus frees his brothers and sisters from Gaea’s womb. These being would be known as the Titans, born only after their father has been castrated. The themes conflict between father and son continues as he swallowed his children. Cronus married his own sister, Rhea. Together they had six children; Hestia, Hades, Demeter, Poseidon, Hera and Zeus. Every time Rhea gave birth, Cronus, afraid that he would be overthrown by his children just like he had done with his father, decided to swallow all of them. Rhea desperately wanted to have some children. She later took one baby, Zeus, when he was born and wrapped him up and hid him in the cave of Crete to be raised. While she gave Cronus a stone wrapped up in swaddling clothe for him to swallow so that he thought that he was swallowing a baby. When Zeus grew up, he forced his father to disgorge his siblings and eventually overthrew him. Those were the beginning of the Olympian Gods. Zeus retrieves the rock which his mother deceived his father. It can be seen even now at the Sacred Shrine of Delphi. After Zeus rescues his brothers and sisters from their father, they seized Mount Olympus. From this stronghold they battle for control of the world against their father and their uncles, the…show more content…
Eventually they have a daughter who burst fully grown and armed from his forehead when he had a headache, named Athena, the virgin goddess of wisdom, warfare & handicraft. A Goddess without a sexual role is a great force for good. She was fierce and brave in battle. She was known as the protector of the capital city and was in favor of beasts. She was Zeus' favorite child and was allowed to use his weapons including his thunderbolt. Other Gods and Goddesses enter the world with different functions but their images are

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