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Raises are required to correct limb length discrepancies, especially those more than 1.5cm2. If the full raise height cannot be tolerated initially, it is beneficial to begin with a smaller raise and gradually increase the height over time2. Furthermore, shoes can be internally modified with the use of insoles and orthotic devices. Shoe inserts can be bought ready made from stores, however custom devices are more successful in their purpose as they are made with the individual’s needs in mind. They can be manufactured with various modifications that can include wedges, raises, cushions, as well as a variety of other techniques depending on what is required. SPECIALIST FOOTWEAR Elderly individuals may have deformities that cause them pain and may not fit comfortably in mass produced footwear. In these cases, specialist footwear may be prescribed. This type of footwear can be costly but is often the best course of treatment in terms of outcomes and finances and are worth the initial cost in the long run3. Specialist footwear is divided into stock footwear or bespoke footwear3,4.…show more content…
These pathologies are generally dermatological but can cause damage to other structures such as bone as well1. The main pathologies that result from ill-fitted shoes are corns and callosities, bunions, foot pain and ulceration, and lesser toe deformities1. Several studies have established that many elderly individuals wear shoes that are either too big or too small and are more likely to report foot pain1,3. Footwear too narrow for the foot results in corns and callosities and bunion formation, whilst short shoes produce deformities of the lesser digits such as clawing. Ingrown nails may result when the toe box of the shoe is too tight, causing the digits to be pressed against each other and the shoe, placing excessive stress on the nails and thereby leading to pain and

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