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Portfolio Discussion 1. What are the benefits of developing a professional portfolio? Professional portfolios offer a variety of benefits, a portfolio can assist in obtaining a job immediately after graduation. It may include test scores, grades, accomplishments, references, and any special scholarships obtained during one’s education. After starting a professional career that said portfolio can grow and detail one’s accomplishments during work. Portfolios can detail accreditations, skill acquirements, roles, and responsibilities. “A portfolio is a visual representation of the individual, their experience, strengths, abilities, and skills.” (McCready, 2007, p. 144) 2. What are the uses and organization of the portfolios that are discussed in this articles? Portfolios can be organized on paper or electronically today. There are three structures that are described: shopping trolley, spinal structure, and cake mixture. (Casey & Egan, 2010, figure 1) The shopping trolley obviously has no rhyme or reason to it, the spinal structure is the most structured and easy to follow, and the cake mixture is more of a narrative that describes personal growth. Portfolios document skills, knowledge and experience. (Casey & Egan, 2010, p. 551) 3. What components and materials do you think are important to…show more content…
My portfolio has my clinical evaluation from school, the ATI tests that I was required to take during schooling, my Nursing Faculty Award, the certificates from every class that I took through the hospital, and references. My portfolio is in need of some updates. I would like my portfolio to become electronic and showcase career accomplishments, areas of professional development, and clinical expertise in professional certification. (Smith & McDonald, 2013, p. 292) I believe that these goals will be accomplished while I finish my BS in
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