King David Accomplishments

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Have you ever wanted to learn about someone who is directly related to Jesus and is one of the most talked about Bible characters, then King David is the man for you (Matthew 1:1-16). King David had one of the best relationships with God in the Old Testament. He also has had a huge impact on Israel and the world. Finally, King David accomplished many amazing feats in his life. King David is a God fearing, impactful, and accomplished man of the Old Testament. King David had a very special relationship with God throughout his entire life. He needed to trust in God when he fought Goliath as a shepherd boy. David also needed the protection of God when Saul was trying to kill him. Finally his relationship with God helped him when he needed wisdom during his 40 year reign as King of Israel (Cohen). David wrote down all of his thoughts, prayers, songs, and feelings with God by his side in one book called Psalms (Smith). Today this book is still used to make many worship songs and poems. David's relationship with God made him a great man and King that is still loved today. David also had a huge impact on Israel and the world. One impact David had was through…show more content…
One accomplishment of David's was saving Israel from the Philistines by defeating their giant soldier named Goliath. David defeated him when he used his slingshot to throw one rock that hit the giant right between the eyes and killed him instantly. Another accomplishment of David is that he concurred and made Jerusalem the capital of Israel (Cohen). In Jerusalem David made a temporary temple and put the Ark of the Covenant inside. The final accomplishment of David was the unification of Israel and its many tribes (Cohen). This feat eluded his precursor Saul, and was only accomplished because the tribal leaders admired David. These many accomplishments solidified David as one of the greatest kings Israel has ever

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