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Many people may know Danica McKellar as a popular television actress. She played Winnie Cooper, a middle school girl, on The Wonder Years. Between the ages twelve and eighteen she starred in this role. Later in her career, McKellar also guessed starred on The West Wing. After she played her role as an actress Danica McKellar got her undergraduate degree from the University of California, Los Angeles in mathematics at the age of thirty two (TG). She subsequently remade herself into a role model to middle school girls, and now McKellar is now known worldwide as a mathematician and supporter for math education. Danica planned on going to college her whole life. She wanted to major in film and continue to act. McKellar left her acting career behind to figure out who she was beyond her role of Winnie Cooper. Everyone at UCLA kept shouting and making comments about her character on The Wonder Years television show. McKellar decided to dedicate her time to her studies and take a break from acting. She enrolled in a few math classes and loved them. Her favorite aspect of math was solving problems logically (Hutson, M). Although she loved the challenge math presented,…show more content…
In this role, she killed the image of a stereotypical math nerd. McKellar developed a way to combine Hollywood with mathematics. She started to write interesting math books that combined math and glamour together to educate middle school and high school girls globally. Her four books focused on teaching that smart is sexy. She continues to pursue her acting career with roles on various television shows such as: How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory and Young Justice. She has continued to be a successful role model while starring in over thirty films and guest staring in over fifty shows (McKellar, Danica). Her accomplishments, however, have reached beyond a traditional

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