Similarities Between Hamlet And Fortinbras

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In his famous work, Hamlet, Shakespeare presents two princes, Hamlet and Fortinbras, who initially appear to share much in common. Although these two characters and heirs to the throne share similar backstories including murdered fathers, these two royals are really quite dissimilar when it comes to the manner in which each discharges his royal duties. As a result, the differences in actions overshadow the similarities in background and station in life. Looking at both characters on paper, the similarities in backgrounds are obvious. Both Fortinbras and Hamlet are princes of their respective countries, they are rightful heirs to the throne, and both of their fathers have been murdered. In response of this shared fact and life…show more content…
Undoubtedly, it isn’t a stretch to conclude that Hamlet was thought to be madly in love with Ophelia. After one of Hamlet’s episodes, Ophelia proceeds directly to her father and proclaims, “My lord, as I was sewing in my closet, Lord Hamlet, with his doublet all unbraced; No hat upon his head; his stockings foul'd, Ungarter'd, and down-gyved to his ancle; Pale as his shirt; his knees knocking each other; And with a look so piteous in purport As if he had been loosed out of hell To speak of horrors,—he comes before me” (2.1.84). Considering the time period, Hamlet’s behavior is odd and inappropriate. In fairness to Hamlet, some readers might conclude that, given his grief, Hamlet was simply acting out about his father or his uncle; however, one does not simply run into an admirer’s private quarters looking like a crazy man and panting unless he is desperately and madly in love or completely raving mad. Either Hamlet was madly in love with Ophelia and went crazy in that moment, or he was so mad that he ran into her arms in his time of personal need. Either way, Hamlet’s madness is clearly evident in his dealings with
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