Self Discovery In Romeo And Juliet

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Self discovery is a key component to a human being because they are done searching for answers to unanswered questions. Most people in the world are still wondering about whom they truly are and some have found out who they are. In Goodnight Desdemona and Good Morning Juliet, Constance Ledbelly’s journey to self discovery can be compared to Pi Patel’s journey because they both form relationships, face their fears and they both stick to their beliefs. In the novel Goodnight Desdemona and Good morning Juliet, Constance Ledbelly begins by stating her thesis on why she believes that Romeo and Juliet and Othello written by Shakespeare are comedies, not tragedies. Many people think that Constance is a fool, delusional, needy and confused, but Constance…show more content…
Constance Ledbelly faces the fear of her enemies and those who treat her like a piece of trash. She is constantly being treated like she is worthless by both her students and her professor. Professor Claude Night takes Constance’s work as it is his own. He makes it seem like she did all the work to get a job and Oxford. Constance allows everyone to step over her like she is some sort of a door mat, she is unable to use her voice instead she starts questioning herself in her thoughts and this consumes her. Near the end of the novel, it is finally revealed that Constance is both the author and the wise fool. Then when she gets back to her normal world, her green ink turns into golden. This shows that she has finally found her true identity. In Life of Pi, Pi faces fears throughout his entire journey. He is forced to live with many dangerous animals if he wants to survive. Pi is afraid of all the animals, especially the tiger. But as his journey continues he finds a way to overcome that fear. He turns his fear into bravery, courage and power. Pi starts to form a relationship with the tiger by taming him in the lifeboat. By overcoming both of their fears, they both find out their real

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