Why Women Still Can T Have It All Analysis

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A Critique of “Why Women Still Can’t Have It All” by Anne-Marie Slaughter Throughout history, women have played an important role in society. Nevertheless, this role was not always recognized and most of the time was denied. Women have taken part in an arduous battle to have the equal rights that they have nowadays. A good example of this is the women’s right to participate in the electoral process. Moreover, women have gained power in different areas such as educational level, workplaces, and leadership positions. However, women will always keep one important roles in society: being a mother. For this reason women have had to learn how to balance these new positions in society and take responsibility for their families which represents a…show more content…
Therefore, more time should be devoted to find a way to provide equality. But, Slaughter’s argument does not provide a cogent solution for this issue. In contrast, her argument looks like a complaint for ‘‘dry cleaning,’’ ‘‘hair appointments,’’ and ‘‘children’s sporting events’’ (--,--) that many women have to attend. In here, she is stablishing a point, but this is not support the argument. Most people have tight agendas, including men. Additionally, I understand what Slaughter tries to say when she points out, ‘‘it’s possible if you marry the right person’’ (--,--) But, she did it and, even so, she struggle with the problem. So, the way in which she stablishes the point is contradictory. Further, when she say ‘‘it’s is possible if you sequence it right’’ (--.--), the question ‘‘can women –or men—really sequence their life?’’ arise. I mean, family planning is an option, but there is no absolute control over the way life evolves. Finally, a possible controversy surrounding this article resides in the possibility of causing discourage among women to persuade their success as a result of knowing the inconvenience that it could cause in their family. This can decrease the level of development of women in the society. Over all, as a reader, I understand what slaughter is pointing out with this article and I agree with some of her points, but not with the way she presents it. A good argument is balanced, clear, and logical. This created in readers a well-informed outlook which leads to start a search for solutions from those who read it. For these reasons, an argument must be impartial. However, this author's argument is likely to persuade readers to partially evaluate the

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