How Does Herman Show Racial Discrimination

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People are capable of hating others. This is proven in the film “The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas” directed by Mark Herman. Based on the novel “The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas” written by an Irish writer, John Boyne, Herman used some techniques to show how racial discrimination was one of the main ideas in the film. Some of the techniques I will be using are dialogue, camera angles, and lighting showing racial discrimination. In the film, dialogue was used to show racial discrimination. In the scene when Bruno goes to Gretel’s room and then later on Gretel says “They’re in there because they’re evil. They’re the enemy”. By this, you can tell the Germans feel a strong hatred towards the Jews even though Jews didn't do anything bad to them personally, showing racial discrimination towards them. The shot taken was a close up of gretel and bruno, expressing Gretel’s seriousness of what she was saying and Bruno expressed his conflict between what his family was saying and what his friend was saying. His…show more content…
When the Germans are not talking about the Jews the scene is often bright and fancy. But when they show or talks about them, it kind of had an emotional effect to the viewers because the scene shows how badly the Jews were being treated and hated just because of their race. The lighting in the movie shows the setting of the scene. In the beginning of the movie, they had a party to celebrate Bruno’s father’s promotion, the light was well lit and the mood was happy but towards the end of the movie, Bruno and Shmuel are being pushed into the gas chambers when the lighting suddenly becomes dark. It tells you what type of mood the audience should have. There are some parts that relate to racial discrimination where the lighting is dull like when the Jews were being pushed into the truck, the lighting instantly changed from light to dull and

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