Trifles Gender Roles

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The play, Trifles, written by Susan Glaspell is about a murder that had taken place inside a married couple’s own bedroom, Mr. and Mrs. Wright. But, the play’s scene is centered on the kitchen. The play was written in the 20th century when women’s rights were not viewed the same as men. With that being said, this play shows the reader how female identity differs greatly from male’s. Women got their identity from their relationship to men which was viewed as the dominant gender. A woman was essentially considered as a possession of their husband’s not an equal. Once married, the wife’s life would revolve around her husband. For some women this was life but, for Mrs. Wright, she had enough of this lifestyle. If I was given the opportunity to direct the production of Trifles I would focus on the performance elements. Mrs. Wright was being accused for murder of Mr. Wright. Mr. Hale the neighboring farmer came to the home wanting to see Mr. Wright. He walked inside to find Mrs. Wright was in the kitchen in the rocking chair. She had her apron in her hands pleating it staring off as if she was in a trance. This is showing me nonverbal expression because she is using body gestures. By this you can tell that she is in a state of shock and or relief. He then was stating how cold it was.…show more content…
Henderson the county attorney and Mr. Hale the sheriff came into the home they stood by the wood stove. Whereas Mrs. Hale and Mrs. Peters stayed by the door then entered and they stood in the kitchen. Mr. Hale then said “Not much of a housekeeper she didn’t have the homemaking instinct.” (Bedford 1071). Mrs. Hale then replied” Farmers wives have their hands full and never seemed like a cheerful place.” (Bedford 1071). The character analysis of Mr. Henderson tells me that he views women as being in kitchen doing the cooking and cleaning. With the home looking poorly tells me he was appalled by this. Mrs. Hale was giving motive to Mr. Henderson to why the home was not
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