Why Was Elizabeth Banned

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Why Elizabeth did got banned from the court house? Elizabeth got banned because; her sister told their father king Henry that the song had lyrics to the song. So she sang the song to their father king Henry, however; he didn’t like it. Then he banished her from the court house. Furthermore, King Henry was being hurtful because, of the monarch and his 6 wives therefore, he wanted love also, he wanted his wives for everything he wanted, and everything they gave him. Then Elizabeth sister named was Mary, Mary was being unpleasant also insecure of Elizabeth because, was in her secretly and because she was alluring. Mary always was trying to get her in trouble. Perhaps Mary didn’t wanted Elizabeth knowing about her mom because Mary did know or didn’t want to know therefore, she was a witch.…show more content…
Elizabeth’s mothers named was Anne Boleyn who lived in abt.1501at Blickling, Norfolk also married HenryVlll, born on January 25, 1533. Then she died on May 1536 at the tower of London. Joanna Denny’s quote about Elizabeth’s mother “No English Queen has made more impact on the history of the nation than Anne Boleyn; few have been so persistently maligned”…. ---- Joanne Denny… Elizabeth picked roses to symbolizing her mother because, the house of York and the war and virgnia.Therefore people be dying in wars so, people are picking roses because of their death. Roses are flowers the represents love and kindness and sweetness. Since King Henry had six wives he was acting all emotional to the heart he killed his wives because, of heir which he use his wives for nothing just the things he want and need. He didn’t care much about them. King Henry “It is absolutely necessary for me to obtain this answer, having for above a whole year stricken with the dart of love, and not yet sure whether”…. ---King

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