Michael Jackson Major Accomplishments

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There are artists, there are amazing artists, then there is Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson was a jack of all trades: an American singer, songwriter, record producer, philanthropist, dancer, and actor. His over-publicised intimate life and contributions to music, fashion, and dance is what made him an international icon for over four decades. The nickname “King of Pop” was bestowed upon him by Elizabeth Taylor at the 1989 Soul Train Awards and the name stuck to him ever since. His strong-willed work ethic in everything he did in his lifetime incontrovertibly proves why he is the most successful entertainer of all time. Jackson, born in Gary, Indiana on August 29, 1958, spent practically his entire life as a performer. His father Joe Jackson…show more content…
Even as young as Michael was, his voice was insanely distinctive and mature for his age. He had the raw talent that the world has never witnessed before. It was no surprise that Jackson eventually drifted off and started his own solo career. Jackson’s first solo album was his 1979 album, Off the Wall which sold an estimated 25 million copies (Vogel 31, Man in the Music,) and was quite successful. Due to his perfectionist nature, Off the Wall’s success did not impress him. In his autobiography, Moonwalk, Jackson states the “success of Off the Wall was offset by the jolt I got when the Grammy nominations were announced for 1979”. Off the Wall had been one of the most popular records of that year, but when it came down to the Grammy’s, it only received only one nomination: Best R&B Vocal Performance. (Jackson 175, Moonwalk). “...wait until next time.” He said. “They won’t be able to ignore the next album.” The disappointment of only receiving one Grammy for his album was the spark that lit the driving fire in his soul to do better on the next album, which was Thriller which sold 110 million copies and is still the best selling album to

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