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Anne Boleyn was born in a town called Norfolk, England. There is no accurate record of her birth date, but researchers say it was between 1499 and 1504 or 1507 and 1509. Her parents were Sir Thomas Boleyn and Lady Elizabeth Howard. For most of her childhood she lived in France however, she returned to England in 1522. When Anne returned to England, she quickly became a resident at King Henry VIII’s court where she became a maid of honor to Catherine of Aragon. Anne Boleyn was known for being very attractive and became one of the most admired women in Henry VIII’s court. Anne Boleyn was supposed to marry Henry Percy but, Henry VIII did not allow for them to be married. King Henry VIII started taking interest in Anne when Mary Boleyn (Anne’s…show more content…
More was a lawyer not a priest, and this change, or reformation, was often blamed on Boleyn. This act marked the beginning of the split between the Roman Catholic Church and England.” Many researchers believe that Anne Boleyn was a Protestant rebel because “She encouraged individual reading of the Bible and the reading of works banned by the church, but there is little other evidence that she was a conscious Protestant. Nevertheless, because she was, willingly or otherwise, a pawn in the King’s Great Matter.” “She was at the heart of the separation of England from the Roman Catholic Church and of the despoliation of convents and monasteries that was to follow” This quote proves that Anne Boleyn was the reason for the Protestant reformation. Anne Boleyn caused the whole reformation in England because of her influence over Henry. Anne Boleyn’s downfall has stood out from the many others downfalls in Henry VIII court. There are many different reasons for why Anne Boleyn was executed. Anne Boleyn’s downfall really began when she had Elizabeth and not a son. If Elizabeth would have been a son it is safe to say Anne would not have been executed same goes for Mary and Katherine of

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