Why Should The Constitution Be Limited

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Should the Constitution be approved ? Does it have too much power or just enough power ? The constitutions controversy is so overwhelming and shall be one of the most historical events of us Americans. In behalf of us as Americans , each and every person is entitled to thier own opinion and furthermore should be heard. This new Constitution has alot of considerable perspectives, nevertheless , poor perspective. Personally , this Constitution is really something myself and many others dont know how to feel about it . Half of us are leaning towards the new Constitution , however , many are vauge of it. The new Constitution more than likely will be approved because it stands with wealty representatives. So , with that being said the constitution should be approved for many reasons . These reasons have not only good benefits , it includes…show more content…
Many Americans like myself , the government , etc. stood behind whats right within the new Constitution. Not to mention , four of the most repected men in America that goes by the names of ; Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, James Madison, and John Jay .All of their powerful representation and support was essential to the Constitution. As a result of their power , they persuaded many Americans to lean towards the document acceptance because Jay stated that [Constitution] comes support us fellow citizens whom love their liberty and country. Thankfully for , Thomas Jefferson whom was the author of the Declaration of Independence, made a broad statement that he disliked one thing about the Constitution. Which was similar to what Mercy Otis Warren said in Document 2. The constitution needed a Bill of Right. Coinsedentally , the Bill of Rights was added to the Constitution in 1791 , three years after the debate over ratification was resolved . Unfortunately, another problem came along with that , they hoped the governtment didnt become too
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