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Federalists versus Anti-Federalists views Jennifer Rockwell Jones Block 6 The Articles of Confederation were the earliest attempt and failure at a uniform government in what has come to be known as America. It was created with an incredibly weak central government from fear of the States paralleling England’s regime structure. When the creation of the Constitution of the United States was underway to replace the Articles of Confederation, there were two major groups with opposing viewpoints. The first were the Federalists, the persons in this set believed most of the power should go to the Federal Government. The other group was aptly named the Anti-Federalists comprised of mostly lower class citizens, these individuals believed the reverse, in that the power should go to the States, to the people. Their main concern being that, if given too much power, the leading authority of the land could easily become corrupt and become very much like Britain was. Each side made compelling arguments as to why the constitution should or should not be ratified and what should or should not be included in the document. While both groups agreed that the Articles of Confederation were…show more content…
Another of Brutus’s opinions that was accepted by his peers was the idea of the Supreme Court being imperfect. The idea that should the court make a mistake, there is nobody to correct them or remove them from office, that there is no higher power and the court could “mould the government into almost any shape they please.” Anti-Federalists also thought that terms should be short to, once again, prevent anyone person or group from gaining too much power and that these officials should be directly

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