Standardized Testing Vs Criterion-Reference Testing Essay

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Standardized Vs. Criterion-Reference Test Over the years there have been a battle what test is more beneficial, between Standardized vs. Criterion-Reference Test. Which test would you think works best to help the student? In order for us to know, we will have to study what these test really are. Standardized tests are very common throughout the United States. In one hand we have standardizes test which are used to measure students’ academic performances in school. These tests vary from state to state in all grade levels. These types of test usually are in multiple choice format. Sometimes they have true and false answers. Some examples are SAT, ACT, as well reading and math in the third grade exams. Most scoring are done computer based. In the…show more content…
Lelac explains that the reason is because of a lot of teachers didn’t tell the truth that their student was reaching the highest level but not on grade level. “Without standardized testing and lacking any other basis for comparison in their own educational experience the student and their families had no way of knowing what their grades really meant.” What he meant by this, is that without that exam the would probably be getting A’s in class but that because they were the highest achievers in that particular school but across town there were other’s that were getting A’s because they was achieving grade level work. Also states that George W Bush proposed No Child Left behind Act which made standardized testing mandatory beginning in the third grade. Meaning any public school that wanted to receive school funding had to take these exams. Lelac also states that there is a huge gap with a lot of the student, comparing them to the privileged

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