Is The Constitution Still Relevant Analysis

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People have been debating whether the Constitution, created in 1787, is still applicable today. In the article titled, Is the Constitution Still Relevant, the writer, Robert Parry, analyzes the two opposing views about the U.S. Constitution. The Left, the Liberals, think it is a flawed and old-fashioned document. While the Right, the Conservatives, on the other hand, argues that it is an original document and it should be respected. The Constitution, according to the dictionary, is the basic, fundamental law of a state, which sets out how that state will be organized and the powers, and authorities of government between different political units and citizens. The Left, scorns the guidelines of the Constitution for their anti-democratic morals and compromises. The Constitution limited the democrat’s powers by only electing two senators for each state, no matter the population’s size and having them be appointed by state legislatures. This is relevant because most left’s are actually democrats. Louis Michael Seidman, a Georgetown University professor, believes that the problems in the DC can be traced back to the “evil provisions” of the Constitution.…show more content…
Constitution. The Right, deemed to be the Constitution’s defenders and believes that “only a strict constructionist reading the Constitution and respect for the Framer’s original content” should be permissible (Parry, R). Though they describe the Constitution as original, they tend to twist the words of the Constitution. During an argument about Obamacare, Antonin Scalia, an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, disregarded what James Madison, a contributor to the Constitution, had to say and applied his own judgment about limitations that should be evident in the

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