Should The Government Limit Individual Rights?

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Hello Barack Obama, If our individual rights were absolute, society would be chaos and anarchy would be the way we would "live". Rights have to be limited due to the "general welfare of the individuals as well as for the public good." This is a reason why the Bill of Rights assisted in the ratification of the Constitution, due to the fact that the Federalist only implied a minority of individual rights to their benefit. With all of the natural rights written, all of them would had the same level of written protection. The Constitution and legislation is what influences the judges to create a court decision. For instance, if you burn the American flag, it's protected under the First Amendment, until you have occurred a disturbance too the peace, which is a demonstration of how the Constitution safeguards and limits individual rights.…show more content…
If they were not preventing this from happening then it would be disturbing their personal property and peace, which in this case that is what they are respecting. Arguments that are against the government preventing the publication of these graphic photos of victims of the natural disaster can be "why won't they publicize this for the citizens to know about, as they did towards September 11, 2001 as well as Omayra Sanchez?" The government impeding the press from publishing the graphic images to protect the privacy of the family was a proactive decision due to the fact that the family most likely did not want to be broadcasted into the
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