Unit 13 P3

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i will write why each physical and technological resource is important in relation to Tesco and the reasons why Tesco needs to manage and maintain resources. Finally, I will explain what the consequences of wrong managing Tesco’s resources are. Physical resources Building It is important for Tesco to have a building where they can store and sale all the products as well as offices. Everyone needs a workplace therefore having a place to work is very important. The location of Tesco is very important for the customers as well as for the employers. The place where Tesco should be situated is important for customers to have a good access to it and to be seen from miles away. By choosing bad location, Tesco can lose its customers because it might be far away or the customers might not know where the Tesco is. This may have bad influence on the profit made and therefore the store will have to get smaller or shoot down. This means that Tesco need to have a good plan on where to situate their buildings and make it easy for most of the people to get in there e.g. by bus or car. Products Tesco have a big range of products which also have an influence on the profit made. Tesco need to…show more content…
All the machines needs and equipment needs to have a planning process which will be very careful. It must be done in conjunction with the cash flow process. All the machinery and equipment can be brought at once however sometimes it might be too expensive and therefore, Tesco needs to look around for the best deal of buying the machinery and equipment. However al the machinery and equipment should be good quality because If something will not work e.g. the tools, customers will have to wait much longer in the que because there will be 2 tools open except of 5. The customers might not like to wait for so long therefore they might choose a different shop and not return which has a bad influence on the profit that has been

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