Synopsis Of The Movie 'Edward Scissorhands'

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Outside Activity 2: Edward Scissorhands Although Asperger’s Syndrome is now widely known, before 1944 many cases went undiagnosed. It was that year that Hans Asperger first diagnosed the syndrome. With recent attention, many movie characters have been diagnosed with the disease and are often meant to help people further understand the syndrome. In Edward Scissorhands, Edward has been diagnosed with this and is actually arrested and then released after psychological evaluation. Although the movie does not state that the evaluation was Asperger’s Syndrome, it does state that the evaluation revealed that he lived without a sense of reality, and also without common sense. Using this evaluation as well as the other psychological effects of the syndrome psychologists have diagnosed Edward.…show more content…
In the film this is evidenced by his willingness to be social starting from the beginning of the film as he tells Peg “Don’t go.” This points to him wanting to be social and be loved, and to love others despite a lack of social skills stemming from an isolated childhood. . Later in the movie Edward is taken advantage of and used to break into a house, which leads to his arrest and psychological evaluation. Edward then reveals to Kim that he knew whose house it was and that he was only doing it because she had asked him to. This shown how much he wanted to be loved even though he had grown up

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