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The Indigenous Rights and Civil Rights movement were both indirectly connected with each other, the latter significantly affecting upon the Aboriginal Rights in Australia. The Civil Rights movement was a time period in which African-Americans fought for their rights, freedom and equality. Their actions impacted upon Aboriginal activists, triggering change. This essay will explain the ways and aspects in which the Civil Rights movement affected the Indigenous Rights movement. The Civil Rights movement was an important occurrence; it was a source of powerful influence upon the Indigenous Rights movement. The Universal Negro Improvement Association (UNIA) was an African-American organization, established in 1914 and founded by Marcus Garvey.…show more content…
Despite that however, it was realised that the aspect of creating public awareness of inequality was not enough. The Civil Rights movement began demonstrating for public pressure, encouraging the Indigenous activists as well so that change, for example voting rights, could take place. From 1961, the gain of national and international support for the desegreation in all areas of American life began to rise. Protests and demonstrations were conducted and led by Martin Luther King, all based on his fundamental idea of applying public pressure upon the government to provoke change. Eventually these protests allowed the African-American activists to achieve their goal; the public pressure forced legislative change and President Johnson gave voting rights in 1965 to them. Australian Aboriginal activists took on Kings concept of public pressure in an attempt to gain their own voting rights. They organised a rally for support within every state, the outcome being extremely successful. Ultimately, the Commonwealth Electoral Act was passed due to this mass response, providing Indigenous people federal righting votings in 1962. Therefore, the Indigenous Rights activists were heavily affected by the concepts of the Civil Rights in America such as in the aspect of gaining voting

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