Essay On Water Scarcity In Africa

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1. My water usage Your Usage (%) Your Usage (%) Your Usage (kL) Bathroom 71% 249 88 Kitchen 12% 44 12 Laundry 6% 22 30 Lawn / Garden 8% 29 32 Pool 0% 0 0 Car / Boat 2% 8 12 Total 100% 352 174 2. Africa Health is the most immediate, and is affected by the water scarcity in Africa on the continent's health. It is the one of the most biggest problem for Africans as it affects 1.1 billion people, which means that 1 out of 6 people can’t have access to drink clean water. In sub-Saharan Africa they use more than an average person! Many people in poorer countries aren’t able to complete essential tasks. These actions aren’t essential, but for the 1.1billion people it isn’t an option. When infected by waterborne diseases, the people living in African communities are suffering from lack of water and cannot even contribute to the community's productivity and development all because of a simple loss of strength. Average African Water Chart Your Usage (%) Your Usage (%) African Usage (kL) Average Water Usage Bathroom 77% 206 88 Kitchen 0%…show more content…
The difference between how much we use and how much the Africans use is huge. People use around 50 litres of water per day to keep hydrated and healthy, but the people in Africa only uses around 20 litres per day which is around the same quantity as when we have a shower for a few minutes. Most of all the water the Africans use is for Agriculture and only a simple 10% is used for household and only 5% for industrial use. Africans struggle trying to get water, having women and girls to travel around 4 hrs to get water to their families. Currently 300 million people have poor access to clean water supply and in 2025 there will be around 1.35 billion people in Africa. This intensifies the struggle for the Africans to have access to water since the water shortage gets worse as the population

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