Catcher In The Rye Should Be Banned Essay

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Imagine sitting in your chair or lying in your bed reading a novel, one that you have grown so close to. A novel that understands you and accepts you. This specific novel like many before it, takes your love for English Literature, for worlds beyond the one you’re in, and characters that relate to you, and loves you back, it waits for you when you don’t have time and caresses you and shows you understanding when you finally do. Imagine such love between book and reader only to find out that said novel is being challenged. That it is being banned. The government, the schools you once went to, and your children will eventually go to have banned these books. Restricting and censoring it to keep it out of our hands, to limit our freedom to other’s expression of worlds that we can share. Should we allow governments to restrict our rights? For centuries now we have had the fundamental right to…show more content…
Salinger. Catcher in the Rye was banned for using explicit language, being vulgar, and describing an engagement with a prostitute and the main character. As I was reading, I was hit with an epiphany that I would not allow my daughter to go near Catcher in the Rye until she was at least fifteen years of age. I would not feel comfortable with the idea that Catcher in the Rye was easily accessible to anyone in elementary or middle school. I was quite firm on my no banning stance and my mind has not changed, however, I do believe that what students read should be based on its age appropriateness and how mature the content of the novel is in comparison to the age of the child reading it. For example, with Catcher in the Rye I would not recommend to anyone under the age of fifteen because of its contents, for its use of profanity, the “sex” Holden never seems to have but always talks about, and the sexual escapade he almost enacts with the five dollar prostitute he

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