Why School Should Start Later Research Paper

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School would end earlier if they started earlier. My school starts at 7:53am and ends at 3:05pm, neighboring schools end at 2:35pm. For example, if school started at 9:00am, kids wouldn’t get out and go home until around 4:00-5:00pm. Schools cannot cut a day short, they have to have a certain amount of minutes by law, which would drag the school day longer through the afternoon. In all actuality, later start times would result in kids not having any time in the afternoon for activities and or sports. If school happened to end earlier, kids would have a lot more time in the afternoon to do stuff where if school ended later, kids would have minimal free time in the afternoon. Having the maximum amount of time in the afternoon for sports and activities is essential for kids’ health, keeping them active and fit. Obesity in kids today is a high risk, with more time in the afternoon…show more content…
For example, if school ended around 4:30, kids most likely would postpone their bedtime until around 1:00am, because of homework, work, or any after school activities. Sleep deprivation in teens cause them to do worse in school, causing them to get bad grades. This move is to change the amount of sleep in teens, so they could produce a better outcome in school, but it would not actually change anything. Early start times not only benefit teens, but the parents also. Some parents that work for a living have to be at work early. If school started later, parents would run the risk of being late to work as a result of getting their children ready for school. Parents not getting to work on time could have an effect of getting fired from their job, consequently bringing more stress to their home and family. Adolescent hormones in young adults prohibit them from going to sleep early, considering they have no extra stress. In result of these hormones, nothing will differ about a teens sleep schedule, without a sleep
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