How Did Mary Wollstonecraft Contribute To The Enlightenment

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The Enlightenment of the 18th century is the era in western philosophy, scientific and central life that revolved around the 18th century. It was the primary source for legitimacy and authority. The thinkers of the enlightenment rejected the supremacy of religion, superstition and church authority and replaced it with reason. The enlightenment paved the way socially for us today. It helped the rights for women. It also helped us separate religion and politics. Most of the thinkers of the Enlightenment were deists and believed in one God. The Enlightenment also brought about change when the Bill of rights was produced. The enlightenment encouraged men to view their relationship with the government in a different way. For example John Locke…show more content…
Many of the men enlightenment thinkers at that time saw woman as a separate identity. Women were perceived as the caretakers of the households. They were stay at home mothers and wives who did the house work while the men went to work everyday. The enlightenment brought about a new understanding for woman. They started to open salons in their homes. By opening salons in their homes they started to obtain knowledge and gain literary support. This brought on participation and contribution in the society. Mary Wollstonecraft was known as one of the early feminist of this era. She had brought many women hope that they could stand next to their husbands in society. Mary wrote several novels and books about how women should be educated and be able to receive formal education equally like men. She still believed woman should hold their place in society as mothers and wives. Therefore she never called equal rights for women but just believed women should receive formal education along with men. Marie Gouze was the woman who called upon for equal rights for all women. She was unhappy about how woman were treated in pre revolution France. She helped pave the way for natural rights and equality for woman in society during the enlightenment

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