The Pink Panther Character Description

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Brief: Narration The setting is in the mid-modern age, where three girls are looking forward to their holidays throughout their year. The setting is accompanied by the classical environment – school, which then transcends to the bedroom, where they share what we all expect them to share – NOT Characterization Dianna: The smart, very well – driven and thoughtful Sarah: Very irritating, cool and easy going, party – wild and quite talkative Michaela: Very bold and outgoing – party girl (Starts: Theme: Henry Mancini – The Pink Panther Theme) Dianna looks in distress and walks into a science lab, trying to be unnoticed. She sneaks in to do her work avoiding Sarah and Michaela. She consistently drops her books as she is nervous, trying to escape…show more content…
(End: Theme: Henry Mancini – The Pink Panther Theme) (Starts: Cell block Tango – Chicago) Dianna: (in shock) Oh no! They found me, what do I do, I need to pack. I’ll just hide. Start at Second Drum set: Both: Dianna…Dianna…Dianna They then find her and run to her. Dianna tries to cover her face and hides, with her book, Sarah puts the book down. Sarah and Michaela: oh there you are… Sarah: (chewing bubble gum) Whatchu doin’ Dianna: (in an irritated tone) Working! What do you think? Sarah: (combing hair while still chewing) Work! Ewe! Tried that once, it didn’t go well Michaela: Ya it’s just a waste of my time…what work anyway, we don’t have homework. Dianna: So! You see, I am trying to get into MIT, so I am trying to do extra work to qualify. Sarah: What a waste, you are still 14, like 15 years old, we’ll see that later. Dianna: (starting to sing) Well now you see. That’s where you’re wrong I don’t to be older to plan my future, so please just bare, I need to work harder and harder just to get far! Michaela: Wow! Hey you’re working, and working x2 All: Oh ah (snapping fingers) Starts: Work, Work and No Break Work, work, work, grinding and pushing Pushing and pushing, ‘til your brain pop…show more content…
Dianna is working as usual, and the other are irritated. Sarah: Dianna x5 Dianna :( irritated) Now What! When is school ending, soon! Speaking of school, do you have a mathematical protractor? Michaela: What! Dianna: Protractor! Sarah: umm! Michaela: Oh Dianna: Yep! Sarah: Why! Dianna: I need to do my math, science, neuroscience, engineering research and more! (Roxie: Chicago) Starts: Balance by Anthony Makibela So much work Just relax we still young No problem do your math But take the path You need to chill, just soak in that bath So a take a chill pill Not write your will Play some sports Do some culture? Debate if you have to (Wait! You know what debate

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