Led Zeppelin: Influence On Music

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Led Zeppelin was inspirational, extraordinary, and a show stopper. They have made many good songs, some that are longer than most songs. They’ve traveled around the world and have faithful fans. Even though Led Zeppelin has gone through some rough times, they were still one of the greatest bands of the 70’s and 80’s. Led Zeppelin was inspired by different kinds of music. When the members were younger, they would listen to song artists like Elvis Presley and the Beatles (Horkins, 1998). They would also listen to different genres on music as well (Richard, 2006). They were inspired by the music they heard to become rock gods. No one would have known this when they were children. Led Zeppelin didn’t do a lot in their childhood. When Led Zeppelin were…show more content…
Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, John Bonham, and John Paul Jones are all the members of the band (Brennan, 2018). They are best known for their very loud volume, their energetic beats, and Robert Plant’s emotional vocals. They were also known for their stage appearance (Brennan, 2018). They were really known for their lead singers voice. The band was not always perfect though . Some of the struggles that Led Zeppelin had. Led Zeppelin copyrighted “Bring it on Home”, the song by Willie Dixon, which got them sued. Years later, they sued Willie Dixon for the same thing but for the song “Whole Lotta Love (Schlesinger, 2008).” People had said that when you reversed the record, you could hear hidden messages or meanings (Schlesinger, 2008). Their main struggle was the copyrighted song they made. With some of their songs they won awards with them. Led Zeppelin has won a lot of awards. They have won awards such as the Polar Music Prize and the UK Music Hall of Fame (Schlesinger, 2008). They also were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (Schlesinger, 2008). They have won a lot of awards and were even introduced into the Rock and Roll hall of fame. John Bonham is the only member that

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