Mercury Persuasive Speech

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The day was February 12, 9790, almost exactly 10 years, from the claiming of Caltoras, Caltoras is the twelfth planet from Blinteras, a red giant. “We welcome the world's first astronaut to be sent to claim the planet Mercury, Timothy Wellingfield.” Announced the speaker. As Timothy walked up to the podium, he realized how his work, that took countless years of research to complete, finally has its start on claiming the galaxy. “Thank you, thank you.” Timothy looked directly at the crowed and froze before he could take his breath. He knew he had to inform the rest of the planet about his urgent news. “I have been diagnosed with heart disease, and I have 50 days left to live.” As the crowd stopped in fear, they realized that there was no…show more content…
After a while, they roared and went back to their ecstatic feeling. “At the end of the course of six months, I will choose one of my students to use the reverse polarity of our planet and charge the energy to teleport to Mercury. “ A very little amount of the world did not show puzzlement, not understanding why the rest did not cheer. “Wait this means risking so many things, keep in mind the jurassic weather patterns, not to mention that we could lose our Moon, from the drift of the reverse polarity!” The president explained. “We have 49% chance of losing our moon, and a 12% chance of having our planet spiral out of the Milky Way Galaxy.” Timothy said slowly with braveness. “What about the user?” “The user has a 79% chance of being lost on Mercury with no force left of teleporting…show more content…
Do you have any idea what could happen Mr. President!” Timothy interrupted rudely. “Look, I’m sorry, but these things you have worked for, is less important than our safety of this planet. “ “Mr. President, I deserve this. I left my family, and dedicated my life to this work. 30 years of agonising failures, and you're telling me that I cannot complete my work?” “What about inquiring alien life forms? Acid rain? Our planet could run into higher intelligence species, and chaotic weather patterns!” “Ok, maybe we can lose a majority of our population. But we will lose all of our population if we don’t claim this planet! This solar system has superior advanced intelligent life. They have destroyed the civilization on Mars, over 20 years ago!” “Even if they did, we can still defeat them.” “In what? A war? We are advanced in technology, but they are physically stronger. We rely on our planet's energetic core, they rely on their technology and mental strength. They have been alive nearly 50 times longer than we have.” “Alright Mr.Wellingfield, we will give you a chance. What is this planet called again?” “Estimated named Earth, third from the Sun. The date on Earth is 5098

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