Brrunt Hotel Case Study

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The Brunt Hotels, that owns 60 hotels in UK, decide to acquire a small chain of hotels in France. This approach and expansion requires some steps to be taken very carefully in order this strategy to be successful. The key priorities of this approach are related to the strategy plan with the objectives defined, the steps that will be followed to implement this plan, the risk management analysis, the marketing plan that will be followed in the new country, the staff that will work in the new hotels, the business culture in the new country (France). Most of these key priorities should be analyzed and examined by the independent management consultants and the right decisions should be taken to implement the whole plan and face any issues that…show more content…
They should be familiar with the habits, the behavior, the communication protocols, the formal way to introduce their selves, the style they need to have and all the culture characteristics to run a hotel business in France. So my opinion would be that the company should hire French managers with related hotel experience and employees from the local market. They should be trained by the managers of the Brunt Hotels (UK based) and have close communication and meeting in order to check the progress. In parallel some key managers (high level) from UK could move to the new hotels in France in order to give some advices, instructions and guides on how to rule and run the hotels (main strategy of the business) based on the UK Brunt Hotels…show more content…
The main responsibilities of the manager in new hotels in France are to manage daily the hotel operations and deliver outstanding guest services to the customers. The managers will be involved in the room, financial, building safety and food operations. It is expected to perform their daily tasks based on the highest standards in leading, managing and planning of all hotel operations. The managers of the new Hotels in France should have good communication skills, they should have the ability to work in teams, they need to have strong leadership and interpersonal skills and they should be focus on the work and remain calm with urgent or unexpected activities. Furthermore the new managers should be able to motivate the other members of the team, they should have a good knowledge of the financial and business issues, they should have good organizational skills and be warm and open with the customers and the hotel staff. Knowledge of French language will be an extra advantage for the new

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