Why Is There Too Much Pressure To Have The Perfect Body

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Is there really too much pressure on girls to have the 'perfect' bodies? Media, advertisements, and society make girls feel as if they need a perfect body because they practically worship it. The media is constantly showing off their bodies after they have had plastic surgeries and implants. Girls should not be pressured to have a 'perfect' body because everyone is beautiful in their own way. Having the 'perfect' body for a girl is if she is 5'10" and 120 pounds. You have to have an hourglass body. A tiny waste with rounded hips and a nice breast size. Also having a 'perfect' body does not just mean the body but the features such as, the lips or nose. Many people get those things worked on so that they are perfect. Society is one of the main reasons why girls feel the pressure. "i compare myself to every other girl i see, i lose every time," says unknown. This is not just one single girl comparing herself to other girls , but many girls comparing themselves to others. Society makes them feel as if they 'have' to,…show more content…
It makes ordinary girls feel as if they have to do that to their bodies just to be pretty and to fit in. "Close to 100% of celebrities have had plastic surgery," says Calabria. With that being said, social media is constantly posting of celebrities 'perfect' bodies online for everyone to see. Girls look up to these celebrities and when they see they get surgeries done it makes them feel pressured to do it

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