How To Have The Perfect Body Essay

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Is there too much pressure on girls to have the perfect body? Society and media make every young girl believe that they must be tall and slim in order to have the perfect body and that is causing them to be under enormous pressure. The media is one of the main reasons that girls feel that being slim is equal to being perfect, all because of the photoshopping done in magazines and in pictures. In studies that were conducted, they say that young girls see the slim waist, clear skin, and perfect body everywhere, and they strive to look just like the false advertised person, even if it mean skipping meals and causing danger to their own health. Girls as young as eleven feel like they must look a certain way to be accepted, and it’s just sad. In order to prove my case, of girls having too much pressure to have the perfect body I’ll do a research of my own, go over studies that were already conducted, and give my personal opinion. I and probably every other girl on this planet would be lying if we said, we’ve never been self-conscious about our bodies. Some girls dream of being a model, singer, actress, and many other things, but all girls dream of having the “perfect” body, but what is the “perfect” body? Is…show more content…
Eighty-five out of one-hundred people agreed that girls have too much pressure to have the perfect body. I was intrigued and wanted to find out why the other fifteen people answered no, so I asked for an explanation and was astonished with their response. Their response were along the lines of “Well I don’t think I’ve ever made a girl feel like she needs to look a certain way to impress me, so therefore I don’t think they have that pressure on them.” After hearing a response like I began wondering, have any of the Eighty-five people who answered yes ever put pressure on girls to have the perfect
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