F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby Really Great?

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The Great Gatsby. The title should say it all right? In F.Scott Fitzgerald’s masterful novel, the title is something needing to be explored, because is the mysterious Gatsby really great? While some readers argue that Gatsby isn’t that great, Nick Caraway the unreliable, “non judgmental”, narrator of the novel believes otherwise. It is understandable why Gatsby should be considered great, especially when you compare him to the corrupt, insincere people of the 20’s. Gatsby’s loyalty and hopeful attitude are just a few of the qualities the he encompasses which make him a character of greatness. Nick is very intrigued by Gatsby because at first he doesn’t really know much about him. The more he begins to find out, the more curious he gets to…show more content…
One of the main qualities that makes Gatsby great is that he is a hopeful dreamer, and has dedicated most of his life to making his dreams a reality. Even though Gatsby is considered great, his greatness is limited because of his pursuit for the American Dream. Originally the American Dream was about the pursuit for happiness and individualism, but the New York society of the roaring twenties was about relaxed social values, and easy money which lead to the impossibility of Gatsby’s dream. Gatsby’s generosity shows his romantic side especially because all the parties he held were only to attract Daisy. His pursuit to get Daisy, and to win her affection is the dream that he strives for. Daisy is Gatsby’s version of the American Dream, the love of his life, the perfect housewife, and “the king’s daughter, the golden girl.”(120) These aren’t truly the qualities Daisy encompasses, but rather the qualities that Gatsby has made up or dreamt of for the last five years. Gatsby is wiling to sacrifice everything to be with Daisy, and even though Gatsby win’s Daisy’s love it doesn’t last because of the confrontation with Tom where Gatsby is defeated. At this point all the limitations of Gatsby’s greatness are revealed because all he lives for are dreams, and idealizations of reality which will leave him unhappy because he will never reach that “perfect world.” Nick says it perfectly. Gatsby had this vision of Daisy that was better than the real Daisy. His American Dream is based all upon the dream of Daisy, but his hope for this dream to become a reality is what makes him
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