Why Is Technology Important In Canada

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Sir Francis Bacon, an English philosopher and scientist, once said, “To invent is to discover that we know not, and not to rediscover or re-summon that of which we already know.” Through innovation, Canada discovers things no one knows and hands them out into the world as our gifts to humanity. Canada's inventions and innovations are how we define ourselves, and a way to contribute to the world in a positive way. Our advancements in the field of transportation and communication has offered the world a chance to connect with various people from all walks of life. Our inventions in regard to technology has given people many opportunities they otherwise would not have. Our progresses in the medical field have helped and continue to help people…show more content…
Our advancements in the field of transportation and communications have helped to connect the world on an unbelievable level. The year is 1876 in Brantford Ontario, a man by name of Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone. This device converted acoustic vibrations to electric signals (Carpena, 1991). The famous words spoken by Bell, “Mr. Watson, come here, I want to see you.” Became the very first words spoken through the telephone. This invention has connected everyone in the world. Ask yourself, “What is the most frequently used form of communication today?” The answer is the telephone. Granted it has been updated and improved over time but almost every person on the planet owns a telephone of some sort. The world owes that to Canada. The world also owes time to Canada. Sir Stanford Fleming created a system which runs all of our lives on, standard time. As an engineer, Flemings job was to keep track of train times. This proved very difficult seeing how each city kept their own time so each town was different. Sir Stanford devised a plan to divide the world into twenty-four time zones (Hacker, 2002). Today, all…show more content…
In 1981, a 15 metre space “arm” was launched on the space shuttle Columbia. Developed by scientists at the National Research Council of Canada in Brampton Ontario, this arm is used to launch and retrieve satellites in space as well as a mobile platform for astronauts during space walks (Hudges, 2002). This robotic machine can lift up to 30,000 kilograms and has joints that allows it to swing in all directions (Hudges, 2002). Since 1981, a Canadarm has been placed on each shuttle mission outside the earths atmosphere, including one built in 1998 for the International Space Station called the Space Station Remote Manipulator System or Canadarm 2. This magnificent peace of technology has established Canada as a world leader in space robotics (Hudges, 2002). in addition to the space arm, Canadian Ernie Reimer of Newfoundland and his company Canpolar East invented touch sensitive fabric. When the Canadian Space Agency wanted to give a sense of touch to the Canadarm so the astronaut operating it would not miscalculate or miss manoeuvre, Reimer had the answer. By embedding fiberoptic sensors into a thin, rubber like material, he could give a piece of machinery a sense of touch. The so called “Smart Fabric” could calculate and measure many points of pressure then send the information back to the operator (Hudges,2002). Space exploration was not it’s only use, it could be used in things like

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