How Did Jazz Music Affect Canada

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Culture is something that is used to define a community that is made up of many factors. One of those factors is music. Music has also been a way to express the events going on in the world, and more specifically Canada, at that time. This makes it easier for us to understand the past based off the music that was popular back then. Music is a major part of Canadian history and can be used to reflect the era and people of the era, which can be seen in music played in the Roaring 20s, the Great Depression and World War II eras. The nineteen twenties in Canada was the decade of good times and good music. The roaring 20s was the time of new inventions, new technology, and new music. Jazz was the music that was very popular during that time, it…show more content…
During the twenties everyone was living the good life with fun and happiness, that's why jazz can easily express the good times of the 20s because Jazz is all about passion. However in a decade later all that happiness would disappear. All good things must come to an end and for Canadians during the nineteen-thirties it came to a drastic stop. During the great depression everything changed in Canada, including the music. As stated by Max Braithwaite; "Men who were millionaires six months before or presidents of Micallef 2 successful companies would soon be flat broke."² People had lost everything, their homes, jobs, everything the worked for, gone in just a matter of months. With the happy life gone people weren't interested in this passionate music anymore, so artists with a different style appeared. The music types that were popular during the depression were happy upbeat songs and the blues. The happy songs were used to help lift Canadians spirits so they would believe that a brighter future is just around the corner. Meanwhile on the other end of the spectrum we had the blues, music situated around these harsh times and lost that people experienced. An example of this is Bing Crosby's song "Brother Can You Spare a

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