Persuasive Essay On Syrian Refugees

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The Canadian Federal campaign has recently begun, and as a young adult, who admittedly only recently started taking interest in politics, there are three specific issued I would like to see discussed in in the campaigns. The three issues I would like to see discussed, and feel that they should not be ignored are; youth unemployment, business technology incentives, and the Syrian refugee. We live in a country, where we are constantly being told that in order to have a career, we must go to school, yet there are highly educated and skilled graduates struggling to find jobs. As Canada's economy, which depends on natural resources is struggling; the technology sector is thriving, and should not be ignored. The Syrian Crisis has left millions fleeing to other countries looking for a new safe home, however I want to know if and why each party feels…show more content…
The dilemma is humanity versus politics. Certainly, it would be great, to provide a new home for as many Syrian victims who would like to come to Canada. For this to happen, it is probable that Canada would have to give a lot more. With that being said, compassion is what people say can save the world. Surely, I, and other Canadians should not be naive, letting in Syrian Refugees could cause problems for the country and our individual lives, but the amount of suffering the Syrian people have gone through is unimaginable. I recently saw the picture that originally ignited Canada’s anger of lack of help. This picture is of a deceased baby washed up on the shore. The devastating part is that this baby is one of the millions. This picture represents all the pain that the Syrian’s have felt. As a privileged and powerful country, Canada must take more action to help our fellow humans. It is for this reason I would like to know what each party would like to do to help

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