Mr And Mrs Smith Stereotypes

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A film, which includes a multitude of violence between a husband and wife, is Doug Liman’s “Mr. & Mrs. Smith (2005)". Liman presents a story where gender roles are reversed as the female lead takes on traits normally reserved for a male lead. This production portrays violence, sexual tension, and deceit between a husband and wife who end up working together instead of against each other. The gender stereotypes of this couple are switched giving the woman the male dominant lead. Doug Liman's film style consists of heavy action-sequenced films involving professional contract killers which go well with the action filled film of “Mr. & Mrs. Smith”. Filmmaker Liman works very well in the action film genre and it shows in the many scenes of this…show more content…
They are each professional assassins who work for different agencies. The couple is assigned to eliminate the same target, but the assignment goes downhill when Jane realizes the other assassin is her husband John. As a result, each agency ordered them to eliminate each other. However, Jane and John realize they cannot kill each other and reconnect. Since they fail to kill each other, their agencies offer a monetary reward to have the Smiths eliminated. The couple fights to save themselves as they fend off attacks by assassins while learning new things about each other. In the end, they choose to save themselves and their marriage by working together as a team to fight the last big battle. The couple comes out on top happier than ever in their…show more content…
That actor could make or break the film. In the film “Mr. & Mrs. Smith,” the casting was spot on and it really made the movie what it was. Furthermore, the gossip in the tabloids about Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s amazing chemistry together on the set and rumors of an affair between the two, made seeing this movie even more interesting. Angelina Jolie was cast as Jane Smith, a wife, and a professional assassin. Jane’s character is portrayed as a beautiful, smart, strong, tough, and independent woman. Jane’s character was supported by her well picked wardrobe that helps create her look. She can go from an office of a skirt, blouse, and heels; to all of sudden a bad ass outfit for her action scenes. Angelina is able to pull off this character because she has that bad ass woman persona, but also looks like an ordinary suburban housewife. She gives off the vibes that she is a strong independent woman. Brad Pitt was cast as John Smith, a husband, and a professional assassin. John’s character is portrayed as a handsome, smart, clumsy, and physically in shape. The wardrobe for John is simple with dress clothes for work and tactical gear for his action scenes. Brad pulls off this character well because he has that good looking, manly look that is not over the top. He also has that “teddy bear” look to him, which is also portrayed in the movie when

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