Propaganda Negatively Influenc In Leaving Howe Island

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When thinking about art, especially in written form, sometimes it is necessary to be unspecific; that is, to leave some or all of the meaning up to the readers interpretation. Nevertheless, an artwork always has a meaning, although it may not be interpreted the same way by each person. There is no non meaning. Each piece of artwork or word written carries meaning to the artist, and was inspired by something which the artist had a connection and reaction to, and which he wished to express. When thinking about propaganda, often we are consumed by the meaning promulgated by the infamous "propaganda posters" of World War 1 and 2. However, by definition, propaganda is "information, ideas, or rumors deliberately spread widely to help or harm a person, group, movement, institution, nation, etc." Therefore, propaganda does not necessarily have to negatively…show more content…
Refugee, although not overtly political in nature, attempts to inform and influence the views of the reader regarding the government and society's treatment and acceptance of refugees. The use of a specific person in the poem, "Claire", personalizes the poem and reaches out to readers sympathies, making them imagine how it would be to be in a completely new and strange place, with new people. She stresses the solitary, again emphasizing the feeling of loneliness of refugees. The way she writes attempts to send a message of the hardships refugees face, and this evokes emotions that sway readers views on immigrants. Although none of this is overt or necessarily spelled out, the interpretation of the emotions it evokes leads to conclusions of the bias de Meijer has, having experienced the process of immigration, and writing the poem from a personal standpoint. She attempts to connect her experiences with the readers, whether or not they are refugees, but despite this she still sends a message concerning refugees and

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