Kobe Bryant Sexual Assault Case

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High profile cases are always something that catches the media’s attention. These cases are a lot like reality television, because they draw in a huge number of viewers and are extremely interesting to see how the rich and famous live. Unfortunately, these high profile cases can cause problems to the parties involved in the case. They can ruin the reputation of the defendant, the attorneys, and even the victims themselves, all of which have the ability to be influenced both positively and negatively from the attention that the case is getting. Such negative influences can be said for the Kobe Bryant sexual assault case in 2003. Kobe Bryant was charged in July 2003 for sexually assaulting a 19-year-old woman who had worked at The Lodge and Spa at Cordillera in Edwards, Colorado. On July 4, an arrest warrant for Kobe Bryant was issued and Bryant was arrested and released instantly on a $25,000 bond. Bryant was formally charged by the Eagle County District Attorney’s office on July 18, if convicted he would face probation to life in prison. The original case was later dropped after the victim refused to testify in the case. Later on, the victim filed a separate civil lawsuit, which eventually was…show more content…
Trying to get the case right relies on the prosecutorial discretion that so many of the assigned readings have demonstrated play such an important role in the criminal justice system. These prosecutors are concerned with the avoiding uncertainty, they have the discretion to decide what charges to file, or whether to reject charges. In the case of Kobe Bryant, and other high profile cases, prosecutors might feel that they have the opportunity to make a name for themselves by proceeding with the full extent of the law. Although the sexual assault allegations against Mr. Bryant were suspect, it is important for the prosecutor to proceed with an unbiased

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