North Shore Park Observation

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North Shore Park Observation Exercise Report The “Sunshine” city is beautiful. This city is known as St. Petersburg, which is overabundant in culture when it comes to people, food, clothing, activities and a variety of other things. St. Petersburg is located on the west coast of Florida, making it popular for fishing, beaching, water activities and so much more. I decided to observe a very popular place located in downtown St. Petersburg known as North Shore park. North Shore park is a magnificent park full of ballfields, tennis courts, a beach, pool complex, a playground and to add on to all that it is waterfront. People come to this park throughout every day and times to go for runs, walk their dogs, have a picnic, play ball or to even relax. I observed North shore on three different days and times; Tuesday at 4:05 Pm, Thursday at 5:00 pm, and Saturday at 1:00 pm. I decided that North Shore park was an excellent place to observe because this park is full of life and things to do attracting people from all over the city. In addition, the…show more content…
Throughout my days of observations, there was so much that I learned and saw in different perspective. Additionally, there were a variety of patterns that I also noticed at North Shore Park. Throughout all 3 days, one pattern was people walking their dogs. Dogs were everywhere! small, large, fluffy, shaved, they were the only animals through my observations that were brought to the park. Many people would walk their dogs on the sidewalk bordering the sea wall or would take their dogs to the dog park section where they could run around freely and play with other dogs. People would bring toys such as balls and frisbees to throw around for the dogs to fetch. Despite all the fun, people were required to bring bags to pick up their dogs waste instead of leaving it there to keep the park in its best

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