High School Sports Research Paper

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There is an ongoing debate if high schools sports should be banned. All over the country people are fighting say that high school sports are too dangerous for student athletes. The honest truth is that some sports like football, wrestling, soccer, rugby, and other are in itself dangerous to athletes if they do not follow the rules that are in place to protect them. Many of the injuries could be avoided if players followed the rules. Not all players break the rules but the one that do are dangerous to themselves and others athletes. If new rules are put into place in all sport we will see a drop in injuries. The rules for high school sports as of now need to be safer to protect the athletes. In football there needs to be better rules that prevent head on collision and to hard of shots to the legs and sides. In soccer headers are a problem to players brains but not as…show more content…
All it could take is one hard hit to head and you could suffer for the rest of your life. That’s why i believe that players should be better protected and have more rules put into place to prevent head to head hits as much as possible. Coach’s should talk to their players more about the danger of head on hits and make sure they are clear on the rules and watch their players to make sure they are following them. This concept does not apply in all high school sports and some sports are ok the way they are and could stay in high schools across america. There are many sports that are very safe for all students. This doesn’t mean that they are one hundred percent safe because all sports have a dangerous side to them. In my honest opinion and the facts that are shown in my notes there is not one sport in high schools that needs to be removed. If schools and parents think a sport needs to be banned then in that school all sports should be banned or it will be unfair to the students and
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