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I come from an ordinary Chinese family and both my parents are Singaporean Hokkien. Since young, I have little knowledge about religion and even though my mother will go to temple occasionally to pray for luck and good health, I am more of a free thinker. I believe that there is a supreme being but I am not a believer of religion. In order to complete this assignment and learn more about religion, I contacted a junior college friend who is a believer of Christianity and hopefully through him I can learn more about Christianity. After he learnt about my wish to learn about his religion, he welcomed me in open arms and excitedly plan two visits for me to learn more about Christianity. In this reflection paper, I will describe what I saw, give…show more content…
There were several people there sitting, talking with one another and the biggest surprise for me were soccer balls and a portable goalpost. My friend and I became friends through a soccer game in our Junior college days and as we both love soccer he wish to bring me closer to Christianity through a football game. He introduced to me his friends and they were all from the same church as him. He told me that the name of this football team is The people’s Bible Football Club (TPBFC). In the past, I have the perception that Christianity is just a group of believers who see Jesus Christ as their God and attend church every weekend but having a football team totally amazed me and I must admit that perhaps my views on religion is too narrow-minded. There might be so much more to Christianity than church and prayers. As more people arrived, the leader and captain of the football team gather us get us sit in a circle. They go round introducing themselves to me and I was filled with joy for being so welcome and I could feel that they were very friendly. I then introduced myself and told them I never understood Christianity and hope to learn more from them. After the introduction, we went for a soccer game and

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