Do Shoess Make A Difference In Performance Of Soccer And Football

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Do shoes really make a difference in performance of soccer/football players? Many scientific developments these days tend to improve how we live and provide us with ease and comfort, from discoveries in foods, clothes or in other things. Football is one of the games that was subjected to a scientific development throughout the years that improved the game and the players’ abilities and skills. To begin with, the game of football originated in Britain in the 19th century, and was in action since before medieval times, where it was called “folk football”, and had been played in towns and villages according to local customs and with a minimum of rules (Alegi). Football is played with a minimum of 11 players on the field, including the goalkeeper, and other players on the bench for substitute in case of an injury. Both teams try to score a goal with the ball using their body, except for their arms, and the team with the most goals wins. Nowadays, the game became one of the most popular games in the world with many tournaments and championships. One of the…show more content…
Football shoes back in the 19th century and nowadays are totally different by the way they look and feel; although they may have been both made with cleats, but the quality and the designs of the new football shoes with cleats upgraded the game and are way different than those in the 19th century. To start off with, the difference in material between the shoes made in the 19th century and nowadays improved the players comfort. Comfort is the highest priority that players want from their shoes, followed by traction and stability; cleat design and arrangement are important shoe features that allow for fast accelerations and stops, rapid cuts, and turns; soccer shoe design can influence shooting speed and, even more important for the game of soccer, kicking accuracy

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