Should Students Be Required To Read Shakespeare Essay

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People have long debated the fact of whether students should be required to read Shakespeare or not. There are many reasons for people to believe both sides. But, for many years, people have still debated without ever coming to a conclusion. Some believe the language is too difficult, and not useful for today. However, Shakespeare is very important, and today’s culture has many references to Shakespeare's plays, so students should be required to read Shakespeare in class. Shakespeare’s works are very important for people to know. Everywhere that one looks, he or she can find references to one of Shakespeare’s plays. Today's movies and TV are filled with references to his works, that one can only pick up on if he or she has read Shakespeare. The fact that after reading Shakespeare, one is “able to carry on even of brief conversation about a plot point from King Lear is important and can give one credibility,” as Matthew Truesdale states in his article. Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet is mirrored in many popular movies, and it is important for students to know where it came from.…show more content…
The skills one will learn by comprehending Shakespearean language are important skills to develop, and can help in doing other things, like learning another language. It is important to learn how to comprehend complex texts, to develop life skills. One should be challenged in school, and not just have easy texts to read. Another reason to read Shakespeare is that many of the things he wrote about then are still very applicable today. Racism, love, death, all common themes that still apply today. Nothing has changed, and it still is very similar to today. Just like when The Merchant Of Venice was written, people are still persecuted because of their religion. Just like in Romeo and Juliet people still have love that may be forbidden. And death is still a hard thing today for

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