Essay About Part Time Jobs

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Life hardships drive into a lot of things, especially for the students striving for success in both their studies and daily life. Some might think of part time jobs and the income from it as a solution to these hardships which is right but that is not the only benefit of part time jobs. There are another some of the reasons showing the different benefits of part time jobs for teenagers (students). Firstly, students can learn to make the most out of the cash that they earn from the part time jobs. Wiser choices shall be made when buying goods as the money they are using is hard earned money by themselves and would not wish to waste it on some junk but use it for only the most necessary and essential goods. All expenses will soon be taken into account and recorded to keep up with the income that is available and the surplus will be carefully and safely saved for the future expenses. Moreover, students learn to value the time as well. Consequently, they will evaluate their free time well. While some students waste their free time for doing things such as chatting on social networks or playing games and in the end study a…show more content…
Through the connection between the workers and their collective goal of doing their job right, students will develop the team spirit by compromising with their fellow team members and the leaders of the team who are the employers inducing their presence in the work place to be productive. Division of labor at the part time job will also bring about a very important lesson for students on solidarity and who is the right man in the right job. When people are in a team in order for best results there must be division labor among the team members by distributing roles according to whom is good at what that is having the exact right person for a certain activity. This is a powerful lesson that if a student takes a part time job will practically learn and develop leadership
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