Mao's Goal During The Cultural Revolution

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The focus of this investigation will be ‘To what extent did Mao as a Communist Party leader achieve his goal during the Cultural Revolution?’ and will analyze the examples of goal achievements during the Cultural Revolution period. Two sources are used in the essay, China A New History by John King Fairbank and Merle Goldman ; and an article named ‘Chairman Mao Gave her a New Life’ published in August 1968, on the state-sanctioned magazine China Pictorial. I choose these two sources because the first one gives me another perspective into this investigation and the second one is a primary source, which no doubt demonstrates the insights towards the Cultural Revolution period through providing a family’s situation due to the promotion of Mao’s ideology.…show more content…
This book itself is a penetrated expression of his lifelong engagement with the Chinese civilization, which means it is based on thorough researches. The manuscript of this book was finished in the summer of 1991,which is approximately one decade after the CR period; this indicates that the book is based on thorough information of the period. On September 14, 1991 John delivered the manuscript to Harvard University Press. The purpose of this source is clear, to state the important incidents happened during the CR period and along with personal opinions about the reactions of Mao towards those incidents. However, the source also has limitation that may slightly affect its usefulness because of the purpose because it might be biased and also the personal interpretation of why Mao started several incidents might lack different perspectives, leading to limiting understanding for the

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